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Prints of sketches and posters of other artworks will soon be available.


Hash Apparel is my brand of clothing. Totally unique hand drawn designs applied to clothing by photographic screen printing and cured with a flash dryer.
Every item is made by my own hand, from conception, to sketch, to screen to clothing.
There will be more categories available soon so keep checking to see what is available.
There will soon be hoodies for everyone available once production of tees gets underway. Will have some available by the time winter kicks in.

I am available for all kinds of customizing for any occasion or gifts. You can send me clothing you would like one of my designs on, or request a certain colour which I will order separately. Please email me at samhashapparel to discuss what you would like and what I can do.
As my business grows I will be able to have stock of more colours of t-shirts and inks to select from. With UV inks coming very soon,!!. Looking forward to making a Rave range.

For bank deposit payments, please pay to account - 29581788. Sort code 52-10-46. Reference HashApparel.
Or pay through PayPal to samhashapparel@gmail.com
Send me an email with any payment reference details and your address. I will email to confirm that your t-shirt is on its way.
I know this a long way round, but until I can upgrade the website it will be manageable.

Looking forward to working with everyone, Sam Hash.


  • Croydon, London, England, United Kingdom
  • Best to get in touch by email or text.